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How we work

In the area of expert recruitment, we work in a similar way as we do in the area of the executive search

My philosophy

Give clear input, be honest, be gentle and respectful, give all you can give and your horse will do everything for you. The same applies to great people leaders. People only follow authentic, fair and clear people. Once your people want to give you everything, you will achieve the best company performance.

In all this, we apply a lot of soft-skills that Uta’s work with horses has taught her and she passed on to her team. Might sound strange - but these 500 kilo animals only “listen” to you and follow you, when you gain their respect!

More about Uta

Uta grew up with horses and team sports with horses. As a teenager already she was part of the German horse bare back vaulting team (gymnastics on horses). Her equipe won the German Championships and was Germany’s representative in the World Championships in San Francisco, when she was 15 years old.

Her studies and first 10 years of her career are in training, learning psychology and didactics. She worked at various colleges, universities (Neue Universität Berlin, New York University).
During the second part of her career she conducted countless management trainings, as senior HR Executive.
Uta owns one horse and goes riding on an almost daily basis.

Uta Bonacker Regazzoni: “Dealing with horses taught me a lot about people management.”

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